Non-EBS Polaris 900 RZR - Trail / S / XC Clutch Kit (Dalton DUV P9RZ-15)

Non-EBS Polaris 900 RZR - Trail / S / XC Clutch Kit (Dalton DUV P9RZ-15)

EBS Polaris 900 RZR - Trail / XC Clutch Kit (Dalton DUV P9RZ-15E)

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EBS (Engine Brake) version

The EBS versions have different clutches on them. Engine braking is very valuable for some riders, and not necessary for others. It can be rider preference. The EBS versions were not calibrated as well from the factory, and clutching performance can be improved upon for stock or oversized tires. There are also adjustments to help with power losses from higher elevations. Accurate clutch calibration is important to belt life, performance, and backshifting in load conditions.

The clutch kit for this model not only has the adjustable flyweights and springs, but it also has a new helix included. It is actually 2 helixes !. The solid billet helix has 2 different sets of ramp curves machined in it. The helix ramp used for your application depends on tires size and application. Everything is in the instruction manual in the "set up guide". It shows you how to set it for your tires and well as how to change it if you change the tires,etc in the future.

2015 Polaris 900 RZR - Trail / S / XC 
Stock or over sized tires. Adjustable clutch kit.

For 2015 Polaris has replaced the 800 RZR models with a new RZR. This is a new chassis and a new 900 engine version. These new 900 RZR models can come in different forms. Some models have standard (non EBS) clutches, and some have EBS (Engine Braking System) clutches.

For 2015, most of the 50" or XC that have LE, or EPS (power steering) distinction have EBS clutches, and the 2015 base models, and RZR S do not, but be sure to check your application as the clutches on the vehicle are different.

We have built a new custom adjustable flyweight for this application and there are kits for both standard, and EBS clutch systems.

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Vehicle Model(Shop by Vehicle) RZR 900 Trail / XC (2015+)
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